ZIWI Peak treats came into their own while training our Border Collie. She wasn’t motivated by anything else!

ZIWI Peak dear antlers have kept our Staffy amused for hours. We can’t keep him quiet otherwise.

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ZIWI Peak Treats in Australia


ZIWI Peak treats are available from most reputable pet food stockists in Australia. We do not sell ZIWI Peak treat products directly from this website, so please use one of our trusted retailers listed above.

With a focus on whole-prey raw, ZIWI Peak treat varieties will help ensure your pet receives optimum nutrition.

For further information on ZIWI Peak products in Australia, please contact the manufacturer ZIWI Pets directly.

ZIWI Peak treats are not subject to irradiation by Australian Quarantine.

ZIWI Peak Australia is not affiliated with ZIWI Pets and merely represents ZIWI Peak cat food products sold in Australia.




Customer reviews

If you’re looking for a treat which is great for training but also offers a nutritious addition to their diet, then take a look at ZIWI Peak treats. The ingredients speak for themselves.